Wednesday, September 4, 2013

U.S. stocks advanced Wednesday seeking syrian war

U.S. stocks advanced Wednesday, with the Dow logging its best performance in over a month, thanks to a strong batch of economic and company news. But investors remain on edge as they consider the increasing likelihood that the U.S. will lead a military strike against Syria.

he Dow Jones industrial average jumped 97 points, or 0.7%, its best gain since August 1. The S&P 500 rose 0.8% and the Nasdaq jumped more than 1%.

Mixed views of Americans on Syrian attack

1. If Obama starts another hopeless, unwindable war in the Middle-East he should be impeached.
Syria is NOT worth the life of 1 American soldier.
Syria is NOT worth spending $1 of U.S. taxpayer money on.
When Muslims are killing Muslims, we should stand back and sit tight.
Only a brain-dead idiot would want to get involved in this civil war.

2.How many U.S. soldiers should die in a Syrian war ?
How many trillions of dollars should be spent in a Syrian war ?
3. Blame OBAMA he is just playing it safe before we march into another war. We forget about Bush who used his authority to start a war that was ok. lets back our President instead of blaming him. Nothing wrong with making sure we have all the facts. Look where we were before how soon we forget OBAMA care pre existing small businesses low rates for health care just for starters

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